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Keep family in the loop and get support
Record and transcribe doctor visits to share securely with loved ones during complex care scenarios such as Cancer, Covid-19 and more.
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Google vet launches an app for patients to record their doctor’s notes, as more Silicon Valley execs migrate from tech to health.
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“This is a such great idea... it will really help people. I love this app.”
— Kim Komando
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If you’ve been looking for a better way to keep track of doctor’s consultations, Medcorder might be just the solution you need.
Overall, this is definitely a good idea and something that many families could utilize.
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Google vet launches an app for patients to record their doctor’s notes, as more Silicon Valley execs migrate from tech to health.
Read on CNBC
“This is a such great idea... it will really help people. I love this app.”
— Kim Komando
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Why Medcorder?

Remember crucial details
Medcorder makes it simple to record and transcribe your doctor during a consultation, making it easy for you to remember their detailed instructions. It’s a win-win for you and your doctor.
Keep your inner circle in the loop
Everyone you choose to include stays connected and informed at every step, automatically. Everything stays neatly organized in the Medcorder app, including appointment recordings, transcripts, post-appointment group chats, and even plans for the next appointment.
Get the most from each appointment
Get play-along transcripts of your recordings. Just tap a word to skip to it in the audio.

Add future appointments
, prepare questions, and take notes, all in the app.

Get helpful and timely reminders to record your next appointment

Take notes after your visit, all saved helpfully alongside the recording.
Meet Thomas
When Thomas’s mom was admitted to the hospital with unclear symptoms, Medcorder let him and his family stay in the loop with what was happening, even thousands of miles away.

Hear how Medcorder helped his family care for his mom both in and out of the hospital.
What people are saying
We knew everything they did, without my sister-in-law having to remember it all and repeat it to us. It was wonderful! Everyone could keep up with the situation. Then, the best part!! We got to hear my brother's voice! Best moment ever!
Julie W.
Medcorder has helped my family so much! It can be difficult to take in all the information in a doctor visit, so my sister used the recordings to re-listen to the doctor's plan and advice.
Mia C.
I am 82 and sometimes I forget what I was told when meeting with the doctor. This app is great because when asked what happened at the doctor's office, I am able to say, "just listen.
Sometimes what I thought I knew about what the doctor said was different, so going back through the recording and transcript answers my questions.
Donna E.

Common Questions

Why record?
Patients remember only about 10% of the content of their doctor’s appointment by the next day, and doctors speak at about 130 words per minute.
Doctor conversations can be stressful and overwhelming, especially during a serious medical situation, making it difficult to accurately remember everything discussed. Having a recording of what the doctor said can help patients better retain important information, gain a better understanding of options, and make the best decisions possible.
Is recording OK?
Yes. As a patient, you are allowed to record - with doctor permission - and share your own medical conversations as you see fit.
Asking to record a conversation is within your rights as a patient. We've found that asking permission works best when patients share the reason why they are recording (for example, to share with family not in the room) and the hoped-for outcome (better remembering what the doctor said). In some cases, a doctor may be more comfortable just recording a summary of the discussion at the end. If your doctor has questions, you can point them to more information For Providers.
When can Medcorder help?
Making sure you remember what the doctor said.
Helping care for aging parents, when you can’t be there.
Caring for a spouse or loved one going through cancer.
When one parent can’t make it to the pediatrics appointment.
Going through complex procedures such as IVF.
Know someone going through a difficult medical situation?
Medcorder can help you stay involved with your loved one’s health and medical care.

Download the app and invite your loved one to use Medcorder to record and share their next appointment with you, or share the app so they can get started on their own.
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