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Medcorder is a free mobile app to record conversations with your doctor and share them with friends and family, so you can make better informed decisions together.
Meet Thomas
When Thomas’s mom was admitted to the hospital with unclear symptoms, Medcorder let him and his family stay in the loop with what was happening, even thousands of miles away.

Hear how Medcorder helped his family care for his mom both in and out of the hospital.
Make the best decision
Medical conversations can be confusing. A doctor may use terms or treatment options that are complex and unfamiliar to you and only presented in a short conversation. You may need to quickly make decisions based on these conversations that could be life or death. Wouldn't it be great if you could save these conversations, transcribe them, and share them immediately with loved ones so you can make sense of the situation and make the best decision? With medcorder you can.
Tackle problems together
Just open the app when you sit down with your doctor, get permission from them to record the conversation, and hit the record button. As soon as you're done with your chat, we'll save and automatically transcribe what happened and send it to the set of people with you in your "health room" - perhaps your spouse, your cousin studying medicine, and your best friend from high school who had a similar condition. These people will get an alert and can right away start helping you understand what's been discussed. If you are given forms or test results, just snap a picture and share it with your team.
How to use
the application
1. Log In
Just open up the Medcorder app and log in as easily as entering your phone number and the code we text to you.
2. Create a Room
You'll then create a "room" for sharing medical information. Give it a name, like "Marian's Tumor" and invite close friends and family to the room to keep everyone in the patient's "inner circle" up-to-date with the latest on what's going on. If there are different issues you want to share with different people, you can create a room for each. You can even create a room just for yourself.
3. Share Information
Posting updates to the room is as easy as using a group chat; just write text in the white box at the bottom of the screen and hit Send. Tap the large microphone button in the lower-right to record a conversation and automatically transcribe it. Touch the "+" icon in the lower-left to add photos, videos, or even share your location with others in the group.
Who's this for?
If you're a family member, this lets you know what's happening as soon as it happens and no longer have to strictly rely on your loved one's notes or memory of the meeting.
If you're a patient, you can use Medcorder to ensure your family is updated in realtime with your condition without having to call everyone who wants to know what's going on and repeat yourself. You can also use your room as a way to remember exactly what your doctor told you; Medcorder lets you get the most out of your doctor visits.
Meet the team
David E. Weekly
We are a efficient team of David E. Weekly and believing there are no boundaries between form and function, and lots of ways 
to make the world healthier and kinder. David E. Weekly is Sr. Product Manager at Google, ex-Facebook. He started: Drone.VC, Mexican.VC, Neuron.VC, PBwiki, DevHouse, and Hacker Dojo. Startup advisor. Chopper pilot. Dad.
Medcorder is owned and operated by Primatech Paper Company and developed by Evrone. Evrone is a team of professional web and mobile developers with large-scale web project experience. With over nine years of experience in web & mobile development, Evrone created over 100 unique & challenging projects from different areas.
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