Our Story
The idea for medcorder came from our founder, David, whose dad Gordon was fighting prostate cancer.

Having already lost his mom to lung cancer, David saw how much information was presented orally in doctor-patient consults, and never repeated. This information was dense, nuanced, and discussed far more quickly than most people can type or write.

Consequently Gordon made sure to record all of his medical meetings and email them as an attachment to David, who would manually transcribe them, summarize them, and explain technical terms like medications, conditions, or procedures.

This was super helpful for keeping the family in the loop but was also a huge amount of work. David saw that an app could be built to make this process easy for anyone facing any complex medical condition, so he began working on the first version of medcorder in late 2018.
Meet the team
Our team is a mixture of Silicon Valley veterans and highly skilled contractors around the world. On the Bay Area leadership team consists of: serial entrepreneur and veteran product manager David Weekly (Stanford CS, Google & Facebook product management, built two companies previously), our chief design officer Anna Western, and our iOS lead engineer Dustin Dettmer. The company has funding led by Future Ventures.
David E. Weekly
Founder & CEO
Stanford CS, Google & Facebook product management, built two companies previously.
Anna Western
Chief Design Officer
4+ years Product Designer @ Facebook, 10+ years design experience, BFA @ Pratt
Dustin Dettmer
iOS Lead Engineer
Apportable, GetAround, Good Vibrations, Qwiki
Sariah Sizemore
Serial entrepreneur and veteran product manager
18+ years Customer Support and QA Engineering Management, Leadership Trainer and Life Coach
Robert Powell
iOS Engineer
Borland, Adobe, Digidesign, Viola, Pinball
Dzmitry Kryvalapau
Full Stack Developer
Full Stack, Cross-Platform developer
Galaktika Corp., JivoChat, Evrone.
Jeff Jenkins
Senior Developer
Three Startups, Capital One, Salesforce,  UT Austin BA
Chris matthews
Head of Marketing
Marketing Leader: Specialized Bicycles, GeneSolve, Pebble, Mayfield Robotics
Milan Slezak
Android Engineer
Android surfer
While we are currently pre-revenue, the company is fully funded for several years of operation. The costs of providing the service are low so we believe that we can offer the app and core services for free, forever, with explicit assurances surrounding patient privacy, security, and confidentiality. Long term, our vision is to act as digital patient advocates, and we believe this will open up opportunities for us to expand into new and unique premium digital health concierge services that patients and families will value.
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