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How To Take Control Of Your Medical History

Physicians retire, hospitals close, disasters happen. Keeping a personal medical history is an important step in getting the best medical care. Here are four clear steps describing how you can do it safely and effectively.

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Make The Most From Every Moment With Your Physician

If you’ve ever found yourself driving home from the doc, thinking about all the things you forgot to ask, this list is for you.

It’s not your imagination: Your doctor’s visit seems short because it is. Most doctor’s visits are between 13-16 minutes, with folks in rural areas getting even less time, according to a 2017 paper published in Economics Bulletin.

These short visits are not your doctor’s fault. They’re trapped in a system where reimbursements are based on visits only being 15 minutes long. If they want to keep the practice’s lights on, they have to keep the appointments rolling. But the effect is that you and your physician may cover a lot of ground in those few minutes together. This means you’ll need to be strategic on picking what most needs covering. Here’s what to do—and somewhat more importantly, what not to do—to make every second count...

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5 Reasons Physicians Should Encourage Recording Doctor's Visits

A year ago, if a patient had pulled out her phone in Dr. John Durant's office and asked to record her appointment, Dr. Durant might have balked. "There's always the fear of being recorded," he says, citing the fear of saying the wrong thing on tape.

Since then, Dr Durant has learned that Better care starts with your patients understanding every word you say, and that recording visits can vastly help that process.

This post outlines the 5 main benefits seen from patients recording their doctor appointments, and how it benefits both the patient and the doctor.

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Is Medcorder HIPAA compliant?
The app is patient-directed and does not receive electronic medical information from a Covered Provider and is therefore not covered by HIPAA. Medcorder protects personal health information (PHI) and is fully compliant with FDA and FTC regulations on patient recordings of consults.

Is recording legal?
It is legal to request permission to record everywhere in the US.We recommend obtaining consent from your doctor before recording. Consent from all parties is legally required in 11 out of 50 states. 

What if there are signs saying recording isn’t allowed?
Those signs are to keep you from recording other patients. There’s nothing wrong with asking your doctor if it’s okay to record your consult.

Where should I place my phone during recording?
Place your phone on a hard flat surface near the doctor, such as their desk, to get the best recording and transcription quality.

What’s the best way to ask my doctor for consent to record?
Before you start recording, explain to a doctor that you want to be sure to remember and understand everything they are saying and will want to review it with family to make the most of your time together.

What happens if the doctor says no?
You can invite your doctor to visit our provider's page as well as our blog for more information on the benefits of recording for both you and themthis. If your doctor declines to consent, you can ask permission to record a summary of the visit and the end of the consultation. 

Does recording present extra liability for doctors?
Several studies involving legal review of doctor-patient consults found no additional malpractice liability incurred by the allowance of patients to record. Many doctors have found that systematically recording consults has significantly lowered their annual malpractice premiums.

How can my doctor learn more about Medcorder?
You can send your doctor to the provider's page we have set up just for them. We also have several articles on our blog that will help educate them on the benefits of using the app for doctors and patients. 

Help Center

How do I make a recording?

Tap the red mic button to begin a recording. Be sure to request consent from everyone who will be recorded, and then tap "Yes, begin". When you are finished, tap the red stop button in the center of the screen. Add a title, enter the medical provider whom the appointment was with and add notes if you like. Tap "Save" in the top left and your recording will be posted to your group.

You can also add an upcoming appointment by tapping the calendar icon in the bottom left corner. This allows you to add your appointment information to share with family in the group and get a reminder when it's time to record. To record an appointment, tap the "Record" button from the alert banner in your group, or tap the red mic button.

How do I share a recording?

Recordings are visible to everyone in your patient group. Invite members to your group using the ... menu in the upper right corner. Members will be notified when you post recordings and can view and listen to them.

To share a recording with someone outside the app, tap the big purple play button on the appointment, then tap the share icon in the upper right corner. Your recording will then export as a shareable .mp3 file. 

How can I get the best quality transcript?

Place your phone on a hard flat surface, such as a desk or table, with the microphone pointing towards the doctor. This will provide a clear recording and subsequent high-quality transcript.

How do I add and track my appointments?

To add a new appointment, tap the calendar icon in the lower left corner of your screen. Enter your appointment details and tap "Save" in the upper right corner.

To view your upcoming appointments, tap the calendar icon in the upper left corner. You will see a list of all your appointments here, sorted by Upcoming and Past. 

How do I prepare questions for my appointment?

You can prepare for an appointment by creating a list of questions you would like to ask your doctor during your consultation. Add your questions to the details when adding a new appointment. All members in your group will be able to see your appointment details and add questions as well. 
To view your questions while recording, tap the “Questions” button in the lower left corner of the purple recording screen. 

How do I take notes about my appointment? 

Taking notes during or after your appointment is easy. During your appointment you can add notes by tapping the ‘Notes’ button on the record screen. After you stop the recording, you can also add notes on the Save Recording screen. If you want to edit or add notes after saving your recording, you can tap the appointment and find the Notes section at the bottom. Notes are visible and editable by all members of the group.

Are deleted appointments/recordings recoverable?

Your privacy is very important to us, and as such, when you delete media such as audio recordings, photos, videos, and messages they are permanently deleted from our servers. Unfortunately that does mean that content that has been deleted is not recoverable. Please be sure when deleting media from the app.

What if I don't have a good internet connection in my doctor's office?

You can still create a recording without an internet connection. Go through the steps as usual to create and save your recording. The recording will be saved locally on your phone and will get uploaded, transcribed and shared with the group the next time you open the app with an internet connection.

Having trouble creating an account?

To successfully create a Medcorder account, you must use a mobile phone number. After typing in your phone number to create an account, you will be sent an authentication code via text message. If you do not receive a code, or the code has timed out, you can tap the 'Resend Code' to receive your code again. If you unsuccessfully login 5 times, or tap to resend your code 5 times, you will be locked out of the system due to unusual activity. You will then need to wait until your number resets to attempt to create your account again.

I’m not receiving a verification code via text message, how do I log in?

If you do not receive your code for logging into the app, you can tap the 'Resend Code' link on the login screen. In rare cases, T-Mobile subscribers with older phone numbers cannot receive six digit verification codes. If you are a T-Mobile user and you are not receiving your code, call T-Mobile support and ask them to remove this restriction from your account. Once the restriction is lifted, you should be able to create an account or login by receiving the authentication code. 

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