Medcorder Updates: New Telemedicine Features and Improved Audio Technology

June 5, 2020

The global coronavirus pandemic has changed many aspects of life very quickly. What used to be a common experience, seeing your doctor in person, has changed overnight to speaking with them over the phone or video. But that doesn't mean patients can't record to get the most from their appointments.

In an effort to help patients record their doctor conversations, no matter where they take place, we’ve been working hard to make Medcorder as helpful for telemedicine consultations as it is in-person.

With the latest version of Medcorder (Version 3.3), we’ve added a key new telemedicine feature: telephone appointment recording of calls from your doctor. 

How to Record Telephone Appointments

Your patient chat room now has a special Call-to-Record phone number and 6 digit extension. Simply give your doctor this number to call for your appointment, and the call will be forwarded to your phone. Once you pick up and the doctor has consented, the conversation will be recorded and automatically saved to your patient chat room, just like an in-person recording. And as an added benefit of telephone recording, the transcript will be diarized, meaning you can more easily see who said what.

Step 1: Find your Call-to-Record Number in Settings

You'll find your unique Call-to-Record number in your room's Settings, which can be accessed from the 3-dot icon in the upper right. 

Step 2: Give the Call-to-Record Number to your Doctor

To share the Call-to-Record number, simply tap Copy #, and then paste it into an email or text message to your doctor.

Step 3: Confirm the Patient's Phone Number

You can confirm or change the phone number where the patient will receive the doctor’s call by tapping the Call-to-Record number, and then tapping Edit next to the Patient Phone Number field.

How to Add an Upcoming Telemedicine Appointment

You can add an upcoming telemedicine appointment by tapping the calendar icon in the bottom left of your room and then tapping the “Telephone or Video” toggle. This will expose your patient Call-to-Record phone number and instructions on how to record video calls as well.

How to Record Video Calls

For video appointments, you do not need to use the Call-to-Record number. Instead, video calls can be recorded using two devices. You can use a laptop or tablet device for the video call, and then open the Medcorder app on your phone and tap the microphone button to record the audio, just like you would in-person. 

Improved Recording Navigation and Audio

Additionally, we’ve made it easier to navigate recordings and skip to the exact part you want to listen to. With the new “play along” transcript highlighting feature, when you or a family member is reviewing an appointment recording, you can tap any word to skip to it in the recording. This lets you quickly find and hear any specific part of the transcript you want to review.

Under the hood, we’ve also dramatically improved the audio recording technology used by Medcorder. We now reduce background noises and automatically adjust the loudness of different voices, so recordings are even easier to listen to and understand.

Also, Medcorder now includes significantly improved recognition of nearly 5,000 medical-specific terms not found in common English usage, helping you better understand what your doctor is saying.

We hope these new features continue to allow patients to get the most out of their time with the doctor! As always if you have any feedback or questions for us please reach out at

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