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Nearby Doctor API
Are you building an application or service that needs to give users a way to quickly find nearby US doctors?
Especially ones that match a few characters from the first or last name? Need to scale up to hundreds of thousands of queries per second?

We're here for you.
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Requests include

User location (latitude + longitude), an autocomplete partial string (optional), and the maximum number of results desired (50 by default).

Responses include

First, last, and full names along with honorific/titles, and practice name (including address, city, state, ZIP, and lat/lon).

A full OpenAPI specification can be found here.

 "q" : "pol",
 "location" : "47.62222;-122.20308",
 "status" : "OK",
 "result" : [ {
   "id" : 1801432836,
   "name" : "Danielle Polewko",
   "street" : "12729 Northup Way Ste 23",
   "city" : "Bellevue",
   "postalCode" : "WA",
   "lat" : 47.611021,
   "lon" : -122.16858,
   "distanceMiles" : 1.7833533351808188
 }, {
   "id" : 1982893020,
   "name" : "Antonela Polotanu",
   "street" : "1653 173Rd Ave Ne",
   "city" : "Bellevue",
   "postalCode" : "WA",
   "ext" : "DDS",
   "lat" : 47.609222,
   "lon" : -122.1155,
   "distanceMiles" : 4.176598976779791
 }, {
   "id" : 1134353725,
   "name" : "Dr. Lisa Anne Polec",
   "street" : "2800 E. Madison St. #207",
   "city" : "Seattle",
   "postalCode" : "WA",
   "ext" : "D.C.",
   "lat" : 47.629653,
   "lon" : -122.29752,
   "distanceMiles" : 4.427430962464363
 }, {
   "id" : 1780140442,
   "name" : "Abigail L Polizotto",
   "street" : "908 Jefferson St",
   "city" : "Seattle",
   "postalCode" : "WA",
   "ext" : "PA-C",
   "lat" : 47.60252,
   "lon" : -122.32855,
   "distanceMiles" : 6.000362925024626
 }, {
When building Medcorder, we needed an easy way for patients and their families to say who they were meeting with; based on their device's location and a few characters of autocomplete, we should return nearby matching doctors.
Medcorder has amassed information on over six million licensed medical professionals from across the country based on a variety of state and federal resources.

Starting in September 2020, we are opening up our "doctor near me" API to third parties on a commercial basis. Our geo-location API is fully scalable to hundreds of thousands of queries per second while maintaining ~150ms response times; we use a global network for localized TCP & SSL network ingress to ensure fast responses anywhere.

All API calls are served over TLS 1.2 at

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If needed, we can deploy an on-network solution for you, or add additional close-peered access by your backend or users to ensure minimal latency. We'd be happy to discuss your needs and work with you on a solution.

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