Medcorder Wins Audience Choice Award at Publicis HealthFront2019

July 22, 2019

We're thrilled to share that Medcorder won the Audience Choice award at the HealthFront 2019 conference, hosted by Martha Stewart and Dr. Oz in New York. We were one of four companies selected for the final stage, sharing the limelight with our new friends at Motiv, Curogram, and Validose. To be included in such an exclusive event was strong validation that Mecorder is both needed and wanted by patients and by members of the medical community. Thanks to everyone involved in the event, and to everyone in the audience for your support!

Medcorder CEO David Weekly, Design Lead Anna Western, and event moderators Martha Stewart & Dr. Oz

On stage in the "Disruption Garage"

David & Anna telling the Medcorder Story

We loved this tweet from Tyler Nall, Director of Publicis Health Media

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