From the Founder: Why I Built Medcorder

David E. Weekly
Mar 2019

Hi. My name is David Weekly. I'm the founder & CEO of Medcorder.

The story of Medcorder starts a few years ago when my dad got prostate cancer. As the family, spread across the US, was trying to understand what was going on and map out our options, my dad came up with a simple but ingenious idea: to record the conversations he was having with his doctors. He used the Voice Memo app on his phone and emailed me the recording as an attachment; I'd then transcribe the meeting's contents manually, and email it out to dad's "inner circle" of close friends and family members. We'd discuss options in a Google Doc and would text and call with updates. Later we'd start using a paper journal kept by dad to record medications (planned & actuals) as well as mood, movements, and other vitals.

This mishmash of tools was a little hard to wrangle, so I started thinking about a better way to empower patients and their families to communicate, coordinate, and chart what was going on with a patient. That way everyone could be on the same page. More than just a chat room for a health situation, I wanted to build a full solution to help the patient's "inner circle" come together to drive better care and keep everyone in the loop.

That's why I am building Medcorder. We have a long ways to go yet, but it's an exciting beginning; I left my job at Google only a bit over a month ago. We've since incorporated, brought together a team of folks to drive the application's design and development, and are on our way to empowering patients and their families everywhere.

If you or your family are facing a medical issue that you'd like to discuss with your family and easily share medical recordings, please consider installing Medcorder for your Apple or Android devices.

I'm looking forward to sharing this journey with all of you.


Me and my son, Max (4).
David E. Weekly
CEO of Medcorder. Silicon Valley veteran and third-time entrepreneur, David loves building communities and companies. Former Facebook & Google product manager and founding Director of Hacker Dojo.
Redwood City, CA
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